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Fitternity is India’s largest fitness and wellness platform that is transforming the way fitness is consumed in India. Using technology and data insights of their 10 million+ customers and over 10,000 Fitness centres, Fitternity is controlling the P&L of gyms / fitness studios to exponentially grow their revenues in an asset-light fashion. Disrupting the fitness industry to cater to the mindful, health-conscious evolution of consumers, Fitternity is perfectly aligned with Sixth Sense’s investment philosophy of Investing in the Consumer of Tomorrow…today!

Fitternity has pioneered the Pay-Per-Session model, membership portability and dynamic pricing – addressing the fear of wasted long-term memberships and need for variety. This will not just drive penetration, but also increase yield for fitness centres. Fitternity is in sweet-spot to pre-empt fitness consumption across demographics and geographies. Furthermore, Fitternity is revolutionising health insurance and employee wellness incorporates. They have already partnered with top insurance companies to offer fitness linked insurance premiums, and are replacing outdated gym reimbursements with portable and flexible Fitternity Sessions for leading corporates.

We are really excited to partner with Sixth Sense. Nikhil Vora and team’s expertise and network across the consumer space will enhance and accelerate our growth and ability to achieve our larger vision. Our business models are seeing great traction on both sides of demand and supply and we aim to scale across three major focus areas – adding offerings in ancillary categories across sports & preventive healthcare, scaling up our supply base in top 20 cities, and managing inventory at scale
– Neha Motwani, Founder and CEO
We have a deep understanding of the pain points of consumers in their fitness journey and through innovative offerings across a strong network of gyms / studios we aim to provide an optimal solution to our customers across their wellness lifecycle. With robust unit economics in place we are very confident to grow our revenue 6X over the next 12 months. We have benefited immensely with Nikhil’s inputs over the last few years. Having the opportunity to scale up Fitternity alongside the Sixth Sense team is truly exciting
– Jayam Vora, Cofounder and COO

Jayam Vora and Neha Motwani