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Fraazo, India’s fastest growing D2C fresh produce player, is disrupting the $300B fruits and vegetables (F&V) market. F&V, the largest category in perishables, is completely fragmented, offline, with no MRP constraint, nor GST – this, along with high order frequency, makes it a highly scalable online opportunity. Verticalization of supply-chain is critical for perishables, and Fraazo has a distinct advantage of being one of the only D2C player in F&V with a vertical supply-chain. This enables farm-to-fork in <12 hours, and a deep network of micro-fulfilment centres enabling <30-minute delivery time.

Fraazo was founded by second-time entrepreneur Atul Kumar. Cofounders, Vikas Dosala, Sumit Rai, and Ashish Rai form an outstanding management team. Fraazo has one of the best execution teams, extremely critical to drive efficiencies in such a business. With a frequency-driven model, supply-chain moat, and a remarkable cross-functional team, Fraazo is poised to dominate the perishables space.

“We are thrilled by the support of ambitious, successful investors who see the disruptive potential of technology in building D2C brands, and excited to leverage Sixth Sense’s sharp consumer expertise to propel our growth even further. The need for hygiene, digital convenience, and customer service has never been greater, especially with quality inequity and disparities in service levels across traditional channels.”

Atul Kumar