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SSIO – III has transformed the way Indian consumers look at home fragrances with their award-winning incense made from temple flowers. The brand has successfully captured the fascination of consumers looking for superior home-fragrance options and made incense a part of their daily wellness routines. Bringing much needed innovation to the centuries old incense industry, Phool is India’s first wellness brand to obtain the coveted Fair for Life – Fairtrade, and Ecocert Organic & Natural certifications. With its expertise Phool has set hard to replicate benchmarks across categories, making it the natural choice for consumers looking for premium wellness products. Leveraging their deep understanding of fragrances and consumer preferences, the company, with their suite of certified natural products, has raised this round to build depth in the $23B global home fragrance market, and enter the aromatherapy-based personal-care category.


On the other hand, the company has developed Fleather®, a breakthrough material that performs and feels exactly like leather but is non-animal and non-plastic. The revolutionary material is an answer to the underserviced rapidly growing consumer demand for a vegan, cruelty-free alternative to animal leather. With this indegnous homegrown alternative, Phool plans to transform the $550B global leather goods industry. With a solid IP portfolio in its kitty, Phool has signed pilots with some of the world’s largest fashion houses. Awarded the Best Innovation in Vegan Fashion by PETA, Fleather® is the answer to one of the world’s highest polluting industries.

In a short time our modest efforts have managed to create a dent in the Indian fragrance industry. Phool as a brand today is synonymous with luxury fragrance products on account of our unwavering focus on superior product experience, and honest ingredients. We plan to transform the global home fragrance market and build a distinct brand with our product range. We have already made strong inroads in the rapidly growing Indian market that has been starved for good quality products. The Sixth Sense investment is a testament to our vision to build a global fragrance brand from India. I believe Nikhil’s acumen and knack for unlocking opportunities will fuel our growth story in the years to come.

Ankit Agarwal and Prateek Kumar