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Founded by Vishal Shah, Storia is India’s leading health focused beverage player. Even though the ~$40B+ packaged beverage space is tough market, we believe Storia has the right ingredients to crack it: an offline focused distribution strategy, and product portfolio targeted at specific niches. A deep domain expertise in R&D has enabled Storia to pioneer a suite of products that are disrupting the current beverage segment.

Their product portfolio includes Shakes made with the highest fruit content and no added sugar, a preservative free packaged coconut water, 100% fruit juices, and trans-fat free Beverage Whitener. Storia stands for the next step in the evolution of packaged beverages; As consumption habits transition to those that promote a healthy lifestyle, Storia is well positioned to harness these tailwinds and scale rapidly.

“Sixth Sense and Storia, both, believe in a similar value system of investing in a consumer of tomorrow, today; which makes us a great fit. With Sixth Sense’s expertise on scaling and creating consumer brands, we couldn’t be more excited to partner with them in this journey of building a nutritionally stronger India and creating an ecosystem of exciting, innovative products that offer functional benefits over high sugar and empty calories.”

Vishal Shah