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Toprankers is India’s largest platform for careers beyond engineering and medical, targeting large whitespaces in both undergrad and postgrad such as – law (CLAT, AILET, LLM) via it’s product, LegalEdge; judiciary services (all state exams) via it’s product, Judiciary Gold; management (CUET, IPM, NMAT) via it’s product, SuperGrads; and design, fashion, and architecture (NATA, NID, UCEED) via it’s product, Creative Edge.

Founded by serial entrepreneurs Gaurav Goel, Karan Mehta, and Harsh Gagrani, Toprankers has enabled over 2 lakh students to kickstart their careers and aims to build careers for a Million students over the next 3 years. Toprankers has already garnered a dominant share in law, with LegalEdge amassing 60% of the ranks across national law exams, while Judiciary Gold is replicating this across state judiciary exams. The company’s new initiatives Supergrads & Creative edge have also embarked on a similar journey by producing AIR 1 ranks in management & design exams.

“Over 15 million students appear for Grade 12 every year, with roughly 10% of them sitting for engineering and medical. The remaining 90% are unclear about their career choices, we want to help this segment in making a clear choice about their career and offer them the right preparation courses for a brighter future. We have brands which serve unique career opportunities, and we’ll continue to add more brands serving a larger pool of students across verticals. We are thrilled to have Sixth Sense be part of our journey, we could not have asked for better partners.”

Karan Mehta, Harsh Gangrani and Gaurav Goel