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Unbox Robotics specialises in robotics-based fulfillment and distribution technology for small to large e-commerce, retail and logistics enterprises. The e-commerce and D2C boom is creating a large need for automation solutions within warehouses and FCs, with the industry slated to grow to $32B over the next 2-3 years. This coupled with evolving consumer expectations, labour shortage, omnichannel distribution, and technology accessibility has made robotics a priority for both e-commerce and fulfillment companies. Unbox’s compact, vertical, and modular system is perfectly suited for current market needs. The company’s high-speed robotics solutions are built to consolidate customers’ orders in fulfillment centres, as well as to sort them as per final delivery locations in distribution centres or delivery hubs.
The product’s USP lies in its ability to scan, sort, and dispatch packages in less than 50-70% physical space, while improving personnel productivity by more than 3X and reducing operational cost of package sorting by more than 60% — thereby solving challenges in warehouse management sustainably. The first-of-its-kind system allows users to automate not just bigger facilities with a physical space of a few hundred thousand sq ft, but also automate micro-hubs with less than 2,000 sqft space through an innovative and compact vertical sorting mechanism. Unbox’s proprietary plug-and-play Swarm robotics can bring down the deployment time at locations to less than a week.
“We are obsessed with improving the ways packages are handled, distributed, and delivered to end customers. We believe that there’s a massive potential for building and deploying robotics tech to deliver more packages using smaller footprints at lower operational costs as we see more adoption of e-commerce and quick commerce across the globe. Since we launched our beta pilots with leading 3PL and e-commerce players in April 2021, we have already got orders from some of the leading e-commerce logistics companies. We are on our way to converting every other pilot into a commercial contract. We will deploy the funds to build an A+ team to help our customers experience the future of logistics, sorting and supply chain across continents.”

Pramod Ghadge, Shahid Memon and Rohit Pitale