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Veeda Clinical Research Limited (“Veeda”) is one of India’s leading Independent Full Service Clinical Research Organization (CROs) – the global market for which is projected to reach US$91bn by 2026, driven by increased outsourcing from small and mid-sized pharma companies. While Veeda specializes in the focused segment of bio availability/bio equivalence (BA/BE) studies, they also offer a broad range of services across most aspects of the drug development and drug launch value chain throughout the global markets, including North America, Europe and Asia.

Founded in 2004, Veeda has grown from a single facility in 2004 to now having four facilities and the capability to process approximately 1 lakh samples per month. As of March 2021, Veeda has conducted more than 3,500 trials, developed over 1,000 bio-analytical methods spread across generics, NCEs and Biosimilars, and completed 85 successful regulatory audits until March 31, 2021 with regulatory authorities including USFDA, UK-MHRA, ANVISA and DCGI.

“The Global CRO market is set to reach $90bn+ by 2026 from the current ~$65B, on the back of increased outsourcing from pharma companies. India is projected to be the fastest growing CRO market, with a ~12% CAGR, on account of (i) increased interest and acceptability of India as an outsourcing destination due to successful large scale COVID-19 vaccine trials, favorable demographics (cost, english literacy, etc.), and diversity of volunteers required for trials (ii) increasing demand for outsourcing complex generic trials to competent CROs”

Apurva Shah