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Siddhant Sanghvi

Who he is

Siddhant is a young analyst with a keen interest in the next generation of Indian venture capital. He has a background in finance having interned at several financial services companies, ranging from Investment Advisory to Portfolio Management Services; garnering experience that will provide him with the necessary foundation to excel in the consumer industry.

Subsequently, and after a short stint in the digital marketing space, he worked as a Junior Product Manager at Hungama Digital Media – an established player in the consumer technology space. Here, he helped analyze the current Indian entertainment tech industry, and further aided in conceptualizing & developing a new consumer facing media app, used by 30+ million users.

Siddhant has a Bachelors in Information Systems Business Analytics from Loyola Marymount University. He has authored and published a book (titled ‘Don’t Fall Through The Cracks’) that candidly covers all that is wrong with our current education system, and provides advice for those trying to learn how to learn; a skill he believes is critical for every human to know today.