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Mansi Ganatra

VP, Investments

Who she is

Mansi is an investment analyst coming from a strong entrepreneurial background focused on luxury brands and retail. Furthermore, her previous educational background and research experience in Biomedical Engineering provides her with a deep understanding of various consumer sectors including healthcare, pharmaceuticals and IT. Due to her extensive time spent in the US, UK and West Africa, Mansi brings a unique perspective on growing global trends that apply to Indian consumer behaviour, product design and manufacturing.

Mansi is currently part of the Investment team at Sixth Sense, actively involved in sectors like Hospitality, Nutraceuticals and FMCG. Her previous experience includes managing the entire fund lifecycle from fund raise to managing portfolio companies to exits. She has also been a critical resource managing finance and operations of the fund.

Always eager to expand her knowledge base and learn, Mansi is currently a CFA candidate. Mansi has a Master of Engineering and Bachelor of Science in Engineering with a minor in Economics from Duke University.

Risk appetite

While Mansi is a cautious person by nature, she took a major leap of faith joining the Sixth Sense team, leaving a successful family business in West Africa. In her spare time, Mansi likes to travel, read and scuba dive.